Craig Drummond

Managing Partner
Vivid Invests

“Wendy’s excellent questioning techniques and mindfulness exercises helped get to the root of my misbeliefs. Not only did she help me develop a clear path to my career goals and provided tools to help maintain focus and measure my progress, but she is a strong advocate for personal wellness and balance.”

Patty Krenos

Financial Advisor
Edward Jones
Las Vegas, NV

“Wendy took the time to really get know what we were looking for prior to our corporate team building day. She came to our event prepared and well planned. Our event exceeded my expectations in every way. As a new team coming together, we left the event with a better understanding of each other, our goals, and an executable action plan.”

Joyce Jacobson

Manager, Corporate Partnerships
United Way of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Wendy is kind, poised, and honest. And honesty is the key; she won’t tell you what you want to hear, she will tell you what you need to hear, in order for you to grow and become the best version of you.”

Aaron Krowlikowski, PhD

Vice President of Programs
United Way of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas

“Working with Wendy is an impactful experience. The Leadership Circle emphasizes the need for balance between task- and people-focused work. As a result of doing the self-assessment and debrief with Wendy, I’m engaging in regular reflection on whether my approach to problem-solving is generative or reactive. I now have a clear understanding of my top leadership capacities and areas that can limit my effectiveness. I know where I need to focus to continue to develop as a leader. Whether you’re an emerging leader or a seasoned executive, you’ll quickly find that Wendy is a master in the art of coaching.”

Krista Darnold

Executive Director
Compassionate Las Vegas + Jameson Fellowship Program
Las Vegas, Nevada

“No matter where you are in your career, we all have room to grow and be more effective. Wendy does an excellent job in diving in deeper and reviewing the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Alberto Saab

Real Estate Team Leader
The Saab Team
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Wendy supported me to balance my work and personal life and improve every aspect of my life.”

Michelle Beck

Interim President & Chief Executive Officer and Chief Development Officer
Three Square
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Wendy helped to guide me on my own journey of leadership. Her thoughtful questions helped me to create pathways for achieving success.”

Roger Perry

Immersive Art Space
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Wendy transformed my approach toward goal attainment and self-compassion resulting in achievements far larger than I had anticipated.”

Dani Bald

Create Luck Realty, Design and Lifestyle, LLC
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Wendy’s guidance and direction has allowed me to find an inner confidence I never had before. She taught me to be authentic. Wendy didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear, but I could always count on her to tell me exactly what I needed to hear.”

Bonet Allosada

Office Manager
Aperture LLC

“Wendy’s guidance and support helped me to change my focus so that I could let go of my self-doubt and move out of my comfort zone toward new opportunities. Wendy deserves all the accolades she has received and her status as an award-winning coach comes as no surprise to me.”

Jeff Miller

ICF Professional Certified Coach
Jeff Miller Coaching

“Wendy has a unique skill of really understanding her clients and at the same time challenging them. Wendy has the ability to make you feel that you are her only client with the support that she gives.”

Jess Lilly

Leadership Coach, Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
Jess Lilly Coaching

“As a result of coaching with Wendy, not only do I have the business I dreamed of – I also have the life partner I dreamed of. Thank you, Wendy!”


Marty C.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Without Wendy’s guidance and gentle prodding, my life in retirement would take its course in an entirely different direction. She asked the tough questions, for nothing done easily is worth having. Not once did I ever see myself having my own business. Wendy allowed me to see that possibility.


Hans N.

Mound, Minnesota

Dedicated, elevated, supportive. These three words best describe Wendy as my career coach. She was DEDICATED to helping me reach my goals. She kept an ELEVATED perspective and was able to see things that maybe I was not aware of or noticed. Her coaching style was always SUPPORTIVE. In 7 months I found my dream job, moved to an incredible city, proposed to my girlfriend and have started a lucrative financial journey. All of this because Wendy helped me find my true potential.


Mike S.

Chicago, Illinois

“What makes Wendy truly unique, what puts her at the top, what makes her utterly spectacular, is the grace, heart, and love with which she coaches and the authenticity with which she carries herself. Simply put, Wendy is amazing. Should you hire Wendy? Absolutely!”


Jerry W.

Las Vegas, Nevada

“Wendy not only helped me stay on track with “an idea” but she supported me in developing a plan and timeline to accomplish the milestones. I eventually realized that I needed to make the change in myself which led to a better me. I was able to believe and know that I had the capability within me to better my own life and take the necessary actions to fulfill my destiny. I took responsibility for myself and took immediate action. I’m creating the life I was meant to live and becoming the person I was meant to be.”


Sheena W.

Las Vegas, Nevada

“My husband started coaching with Wendy and as if by magic, he started to follow through on the amazing ideas and grand plans he’d talked about for years! He is focused and has learned that he does not, and should not, have to do this all by himself. He has started to see what was holding him back and has overcome many real and imagined barriers. He is much happier in life in general and is excited about his future – our future. His plan has become concrete and tangible and is leading to what could be a second career. Wendy has been a godsend!”


Stephen B.

Austin, Texas

Wendy has helped me see that I had many goals that I let day-to-day life obscure. My original goal in working with Wendy was to recreate my career. I gave myself 10 months to do so and with Wendy’s support, I accomplished it in under two months!


Lorraine K.

Sacramento, California

“Wendy’s help in navigating the issues of managing a family and creating a new business has been invaluable. She has introduced me to productivity tools that have been extremely useful. She’s shown me how to look at the underlying reasons why some assignments are done more quickly than others, how not to be at the mercy of those reasons, and how to get to where I want to be rather than mired in extraneous details. Her coaching is always kind, sensitive, intelligent, and insightful. She’s extraordinary.


Stephanie J.

Lakewood, Colorado

“Working with Wendy has helped me to make lasting changes in my life. Wendy is supportive, but strong. She keeps me accountable and asks the tough questions when needed, knowing just the right probing questions to get to the heart of the matter. She’s compassionate, while still pushing me beyond my comfort zone — and that’s where the real change happens. I am so grateful to Wendy for helping me to move my life in the positive direction I seek.”


Christine P.

San Diego, California

“Wendy helped me to clarify my goals. Her comments were supportive, insightful, and very purposeful in guiding me to find my own answers. She hears what is not said and offers nonjudgmental feedback. With Wendy’s coaching, I had my business up and running in less than 3 months! The greatest gift was the experience of being truly and unconditionally supported and fully and completely heard. An old paradigm has been put to rest and for that I will be forever grateful.”


Patty K.

Financial Advisor
Edward Jones
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Wendy took the time to really get know what we were looking for prior to our corporate team building day. She came to our event prepared and well planned. Our event exceeded my expectations in every way. As a new team coming together, we left the event with a better understanding of each other, our goals, and an executable action plan.”


Lynda F.

Linwood, Michigan

“Wendy is exceptionally talented. I have experienced breakthroughs in areas I’ve been working on for years! I’ve worked with other coaches but didn’t experience high-level results until I started working with Wendy. Wendy is highly trained and experienced. That combination means clients create amazing results with velocity – you’ll see results in your very first session. Hire Wendy. You won’t be sorry; in fact, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it a long time ago!”


Anthony O.

Las Vegas, Nevada

“The personal and professional potential that I’ve been able to unlock within myself wouldn’t have been possible without Wendy’s support and focus. These have been the most impactful, process, and results-driven seven months of my life. For anyone driven to improve any aspect of their lives, allow Wendy the opportunity to coach you with sustainable, life-changing breakthroughs.”

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